About Us

Where we started from


This is a family owned and operated business. From the time my 2 boys were just starting school we have done all things together from driving market to market in our early business beginnings sleeping on boxes and in our trucks to traveling state to state in wrestling tournaments as you see the 3 of us as my youngest son prepares to wrestle and his older brother stands in his corner to coach and i relentlessly tell them that family and hard work are the ingredients for internal happiness . We have worked at many things together Rentals flipping houses clothing stores and of coarse now. Suns nutritional and the amazing Miracle product CBD. We currently have over 70 products of cbd from oils tinctures, pills, workout, gummy bears, topical pain creams. i started taking cbd about 8 months ago to help with some medical  issues i was having  from   pursain gulf war and it really was a miracle so i ask them what they thought about investing in cbd as a business and it began.